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The CTB is to launch a tender for the purchase of a catenary maintenance unit and for improvements to the doors of 24 Metro units.

The General Council of the CTB has approved a tender for the supply of a new track car for catenary maintenance at a cost of €1,270,000 and for the adaptation of passenger doors on 24 Metro units, for the amount of €1,520,000

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Reopening of Urduliz Metro station

• With investment to the tune of €21 million and 24 months of work, the last level crossing on the Metro network has finally been eliminated.
• The new track runs below ground for 543 m, including a new underground station with a single, 6 m wide central platform shared by both tracks.”
• With this change the residents of Urduliz have gained 6000 m2 of public space. Track layouts in Sopela and Plentzia are also being upgraded as a result of this work.
• The replacement shuttle bus service that has been running between Plentzia and Sopela over the 24 months of the work has ceased to run today.

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As from today you can use your Barik card on all municipal bus services in Donostia-San Sebastián.

Barik card users can now access discount fares on the whole network, and multi-validation is now possible on non personalised cards.

This inter-operability project was first introduced on Line 45 in February and has been gradually extended week by week, up to today.

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CTB & Burgos Municipal Council sign a collaboration agreement.

CTB and Burgos Municipal Council this morning signed an agreement at the CTB headquarters for the development and implementation of a contactless card system on public transport in the city of Burgos. Under this agreement CTB will work with the municipal council to set up a system similar to the one currently operating in Bizkaia.

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Fare Integration Committee unifies more passenger types and zones for all forms of Public Transport in Bizkaia

The Fare Integration Committee made up of representatives of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Bilbao City Council, the Basque Government, rail operator RENFE, Metro Bilbao and CTB (the Bizkaia Transport Consortium) – has approved the incorporation of persons accompanying wheelchair users, the blind and children as specific passenger types and the delimitation of zones for all forms of public transport in Bizkaia.

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CTB’s new multi-modal season tickets are to go on sale on 8 March

Today marks the launch of an information campaign for these new, simplified tickets. They can be used for journeys on Metro Bilbao, Euskotren, the Bilbao tramway and (for users aged 26 and under registered as residents in Bizkaia) on Bizkaibus services.

On other matters, the General Board today approved a cooperation agreement with the municipal council of Urduliz under which the council is to receive €400,000 to urbanise the area of land that will become available once the Metro line through the municipality is transferred underground.

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CTB begins refuerbishment work on the Metro station in Plentzia

The Bizkaia Transport Consortium (CTB) has begun work to refurbish the metro station in Plentzia. The work will entail a thorough refurbishment of the building and the construction of a new side entrance to replace the existing entrance. The project is expected to last 3 months and has a budget of € 213,300.

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CTB is taking part in the children's christmas funfair.

CTB, the Bizkaia Transport Consortium, in cooperation with Metro Bilbao, is taking part again this year in the children’s Christmas funfair with a stand that seeks to entertain youngsters while promoting the use of public transport and the Barik card. There are four areas, each for a different age group: a model car racing area with various circuits, a balance bike area for younger children, a games library and a photo area.


CTB General Council approves new ticket types & fares for Metro Bilbao, Euskotren & Tram system with start-up of line 3. Provincial Council joins integration scheme with introduction of new Gazte tickets on Bizkaibus.

The new multi-mode tickets are simpler, and the same tickets will be valid for three of Bizkaia’s main transport systems: Metro Bilbao, Eusko Tren and the Bilbao tramway system.

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CTB introduces pre-purchasing for single tickets.

As from Wednesday 23 November single tickets can be purchased up to 4 days in advance rather than only on the day of travel as was the case up to now.

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320 school-children from the Ezkerraldea, Meatzaldea & Enkarterri districts will be taking part this year in the "Activate+" sustainability programme.

The scheme seeks to promote a change in habits regarding water, energy, mobility, purchasing and waste management to encourage sustainability at schools and in homes.


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CTB calls for bids to draw up design project for construction of final Metro Bilbao substation at Kabiezes.

The project is to include the construction of the substation building, the electroca substation itself, the power supply line from the Iberdrola transformer centre and the power supply line to Line 2

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CTB's “Barik NFC” app has now exceeded 60,000 top-ups from mobile phones.

CTB's “Barik NFC” app has now exceeded 60,000 top-ups, at an average of 400 per day. 30,100 users have downloaded the free app, which enables Barik cards to be topped up from mobile phones running on Android operating systems".

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The CTB will install energy savers on 17 Metro Bilbao elevators.

The Bizkaia Transport Consortium will put out to tender the modification to supply these initial energy-saving equipment that will cut current consumption by 60%, starting with 30 new motors to be fitted to 17 elevators.

The tender envisages a budget of EUR 172,000 and an implementation period of 6 months, and will lead to savings of between EUR 8,000 and 10,000 per year, with a 10-month return on investment.

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CTB records double the number of queries at its San Mamés Customer Service Office in September.

85% of the 3,500 interventions registered were to do with Barik card procedures.

In September, the Bizkaia Transport Consortium (CTB) recorded double the number of queries through its Customer Service Office (OAC) in San Mamés. 85% of the 3,500 interventions registered were mainly to do with Barik card procedures, information requests and claims. In September, Monday was the day of the week with the greatest number of procedures with an average of 195. The average number of actions per day in June was 94, 87 in July and 85 in August.

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CTB improves stretch of track with bends between Urduliz and Plentzia on Metro line 1

The two main tasks to be performed are the partial replacement of the tracks and the upgrading of the platform for track 2 at Plentzia station. The budget estimate is €557,893 and the work is expected to take three months.

In its meeting today the General Board of the CTB also approved the tender for the contracting of private insurance for CTB and Metro Bilbao SA, to the tune of €1,950,000 per annum.

Also approved was the awarding of the work for updating and upgrading the Metro Bilbao rail transport offer generator package (GOT), with a budget of €374,016 and a completion date of 12 months.

The last point approved at today’s CTB General Board meeting was the decreasing of interest rates on a number of commercial loans, which will save €5 million per annum from now to 2026.

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The aim is to bring together the terms used in the sector in four languages and make them available to the public. The dictionary has been drawn up in collaboration with the Terminology Department of Fundación Elhuyar.

The aim is to bring together the terms used in the sector in four languages and make them available to the public. The dictionary has been drawn up in collaboration with the Terminology Department of Fundación Elhuyar.


Recognition for efforts of 220 scoolchildren who reduced energy consumption at their schools by 5%

These primary and secondary pupils took part in the fourth Actívate+ programme, an initiative set up by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to encourage public engagement in the field of sustainability. The scheme is supported by the Basque Government, Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia (the local water board), CTB (the Bizkaia Transport Consortium), the Eroski Group and Metro Bilbao

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Users of line 3 will need only one ticket for all their journeys on the rail network.

The board of CTB has agreed that lines 1 and 2 de Metro Bilbao and line 3 of Euskotren are to operate as a single public service.

The agreement reached by CTB (the Bizkaia Transport Consortium), rail operator Eusko Trenbideak/Ferrocarriles Vascos (ET/FV) and Metro Bilbao means that when the new line comes into service the same tickets and fares will be used by both operators.

The entry into service of line 3 and the way in which it is to be run will mean that decisions must be made concerning the fare structures of the operators, so that the new route, which will become operational in 2017, can be used as just one more line on the Metro, regardless of the fact that it is run by different operators.

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CTB sets up new helpline for information on Barik cards

CTB (the Bizkaia Transport Consortium) has set up a helpline on nº 94 685 50 00 for people seeking information on matters concerned with the use of the Barik contactless card and public transport in the province.

This number (with local area code 94) has been incorporated this week into the public information services provided by CTB from its customer information office at the San Mames intermodal station, in line with a mandate from the General Assembly of Bizkaia.

The contracts offered by most telephone operators now offer free calls to landlines, so this service will mean big savings for callers. The CTB information switchboard received around 11,000 calls in 2015.

The new 94 685 50 00 service will coexist with the earlier 901 123 123 helpline for several months as the old number is phased out gradually, leaving only the local number.

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